39 Best Curly Hairstyles & Haircuts For Men

39 Best Curly Hairstyles & Haircuts For Men Finding the best curly hairstyles for men can sometimes be a challenge. Guys with curly hair can appreciate the struggle to cut and style this unique hair type. Unlike straight, thick or wavy hair, good hairstyles for men with curly hair can be hard to cut, difficult to work with, frizzy and unruly, and tough to keep the way you want throughout the day. But look at the positive side – curly hair men have a unique texture and fuller look, which means you can combine your sexy curls with a fade or undercut to create a number of stylish haircuts for men with curly hair.

The best part is that, once you realize just how trendy and versatile curly hair can be, you’ll discover many different hairstyles for curly hair. From short curly styles to long curly hair, here are the latest cool hairstyles for guys with curly hair.

Curly Hairstyles For Men

Haircuts For Men With Curly Hair

Check out the best haircuts for curly hair men. From the curly undercut to the comb over, slick back, man bun, and fringe, we made sure to include long, medium and short curly men’s hairstyles so everyone has a ton of styles to choose from.

Haircuts For Men With Curly Hair

Short Curly Hairstyles

Short curly hairstyles for men tend to be very popular because they are super easy to work with. In fact, the best short haircuts for men with curly hair often start with a fade or undercut on the sides and short curls on top.

Short Curly Hairstyles For Men

Some curly hair guys want to avoid styling altogether and basically get a buzz cut, but if you have loose curls want different haircut ideas, then finding the right length is crucial. A crew cut or cropped top can be good for short curly hair.

Short Haircuts For Men with Curly Hair

Simply use a curl-enhancing styling cream or sea salt spray and let your hair’s natural texture be the focal point. Otherwise, a strong pomade or wax be help manage and tame your hair.

Short Curly Hair Men

In the end, most guys get short curly haircuts in an attempt to eliminate their curls, but the right curly styles can work to show off your hair type while making the styling process effortless.

Short Curly Haircuts For Men

Medium Curly Hairstyles

The best men’s medium curly hairstyles include some of the hottest trending cuts and styles for guys right now. Medium curly hair generally starts with short sides, and the longer hair on top can be styled into a comb over, slick back, messy fringe, shoulder-length bro flow.

Medium Length Curly Hair Men

The benefit of medium-length curls is versatility, giving guys the option to style a number of different looks. Use a sea salt hairspray for a beachy look that maximizes volume and flow, or a pomade to tighten and manage your curls.

Men's Medium Curly Hairstyles

Long Curly Hairstyles

Men’s long curly hairstyles may be the hardest to tame, control and style, but with good hair products, you’ll love the way you look. Hot guys with long curly hair can pull off the man bun or let their curls fall naturally.

Men's Long Curly Hairstyles

While frizz and humidity can be a factor with thick curls, modern hairstyles for men with long curly hair are often styled with a light-hold styling cream or anti-frizz spray.

Long Curly Hair Men

And while growing out your curls can be annoying, it’s important to avoid washing as frequently as normal. The natural oils in your hair can help control your curls, so use a high-quality sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Best Hairstyles For Men with Long Curly Hair

Short Sides + Curly Hair on Top

Short sides with curly hair on top can be a good way to highlight the texture and styling of your curls. Clean and fresh, short haircuts on the sides and back minimize the need to tame unruly hair, while allowing guys to style a number of the most popular hairstyles.

Short Sides with Curly Hair on Top

The short sides can work with short, medium or long curly hair on top, and guys can choose to style it tight, loose, messy, or neat. The result can be a curly hair fade or undercut with volume, movement and flow for a handsome look.

Long Curly Hair on Top with Short Sides

Curly Hair Fade

The curly hair fade is a sleek and good-looking haircut for guys who want short tapered sides with their curls. There are many different types of fade haircuts that complement curly hair.

Curly Hair Fade

The high taper fade looks bold, starting high on the sides and back with a quick blend. The low fade cuts a more conservative trim, and starts just above the ears and flows down the neckline. The mid taper fade offers a sweet balance in the middle for guys who want something classy yet modern.

Long Thick Curly Hair Fade

Ask your barber for a skin or bald fade if you want to cut the hair down to zero for a daring, sleek finish.

Low Fade Curly Hair

Ultimately, the men’s curly hair fade provides the basis for all the best men’s hairstyles, allowing you to style your short or long curly hair any way you want!

Men's Fade Haircut Curly Hair

Curly Hair Undercut

The curly hair undercut gives guys a unique and stylish look when styling their curls. Unlike the fade, the undercut is a one-length trim that does not taper. It starts high on the sides and back for an edgy, short haircut that focuses your attention on your curly hairstyle.

Undercut with Curly Hair

Men can ask their barbers for different lengths on their undercut, but the curly undercut hairstyle will always result in a sexy style.

Curly Undercut Hairstyle

Curly Hair with Fringe

The curly hair fringe remains one of the best new hairstyles for men with curly hair. With short faded sides and thick curly hair on top concentrated in the front, guys can style their curls to fall over their forehead.

Curly Hair with Fringe

Bold, trendy and cool, the curly fringe truly leverages your hair type for nice volume. After styling your curls with a light to medium-hold cream or mousse, make sure to apply some hairspray to keep the look in place all day.

Long Fringe Curly Hair Fade

Slick Back Curly Hair

Slick back curly hair may seem like an impossible feat, but with a strong hair product, slicking back your curls can provide a unique style to a classic look.

Slick Back Curly Hair

For starters, you’ll want to ask your barber for an undercut or high fade to create the necessary contrast. Leave at least 4 to 6 inches of length on top to work with.

Curly Slick Back Undercut

To slick back curly or wavy hair, run product through your hair and brush or comb it straight back. The advantage of curly slicked back hair is that, instead of lying flat and limp, the brushed back hairstyle will have volume and texture.

Brushed Back Curly Hair with Undercut and Line Up

Curly Comb Over

The curly comb over has been a top men’s hair trend for years. Specifically, the curly comb over fade can be a sophisticated and handsome hairstyle for curly hair.

Curly Comb Over

Like the side part, the comb over is swept to one side of the head. Because short curls tend to tighten and be difficult to style, we recommend a medium to longer length on top.

Curly Hair Comb Over Fade Hairstyles For Men

A good pomade can offer a shiny finish, while a wax or clay can deliver a thicker, fuller hairstyle for guys with thinning hair.

Curly Comb Over Taper Fade

Taper Haircut For Curly Hair

A taper haircut with curly hair allows business professionals and older guys to get a more conservative cut. Unlike an edgy fade, the taper leaves more length on the sides and back.

Taper Haircut For Curly Hair

Whether you want a short, medium or long tapered cut will determine how you style your curls. Ideally, medium and long curly hair is swept back for a flattering blowout.

Curly Hair Taper

Messy Curly Hairstyles

Messy curly hair is always a favorite because it looks casual and effortless. From a curly bowl cut to a crew cut, messy hairstyles give a fuller texture and make styling easy and simple.

Messy Curly Hair Men

If you want to maintain medium-length to short curly hair, a tousled style may be perfect for you. Paired with a high, mid, low or skin fade and a curl-defining cream, this look will play up your natural texture.

Messy Curly Hairstyles For Men

Curly Hair Side Part

A side part with curls creates a unique hairstyle that’s both on trend and suitable for business. The side part can add some definition, especially if you tell your barber to shave in a hard part.

Curly Side Part Fade

Plus, the hard side part fade works equally well with curly and wavy hair. If you have truly unruly hair, then consider combing the hair to one side without the defined part and you’ll still have an awesome finish.

Curly Hair with Hard Side Part Fade

Curly Man Bun

The curly man bun continues to be one of top long hairstyles for guys with curly hair. Because tying your curly hair up into a man bun can be simple, sleek and fashionable, young men love the look.

Curly Man Bun

If you want to tame your long curls and use their unique texture for a sexy style, get a man bun.

Long Curly Man Bun Fade

How To Style Curly Hair

Styling curly hair can be tricky. While curls come with volume and endless styling options, most guys with curly hair can admit that getting any cool hairstyle can be a hassle. Learning how to manage and style your curly hair is ultimately worth the time. Here are the best ways to style curly hair for men.

How To Style Curly Hair

Get A Great Men’s Haircut

Visit a good barbershop and get a proper haircut from a skilled barber. Start with a short haircut on the sides and back, preferably a fade, to minimize styling. You can keep some length on top, depending on your preference, but realize that short curls are impossible to control and longer hair will require time and product.

Haircuts For Curly Hair Men

Buy Good Hair Products For Men with Curly Hair

Using good hair products for curly hair is essential to managing and styling your curls. Avoid shampoos and conditioners that dry out your hair, and make sure to invest in top-rated products with organic ingredients that will nourish, hydrate and condition your locks.

Best Hairstyles For Curly Hair

The same concepts apply to your styling products. Cheap mousses or gels with high alcohol content should never be used. Instead, apply a quality moisturizing cream that will enhance and define your curls while minimizing frizz. The same goes for salt sprays, mousses or leave-in conditioners. We recommend applying highly-rated hair styling products that have proven to work well.

Cool Curly Hairstyles For Guys

If you need a strong pomade, wax, or clay for your favorite hairstyle, then pick from the top brands on the market like Baxter of California, Suavecito, or TIGI Bed Head.

Develop A Proper Hair Care Routine

Most guys know that the natural oils in your hair can help tame and manage your curls. So in addition to not picking shampoos and conditioners that strip your hair’s natural oils, we recommend only washing 2 to 3 times a week, at most.

Good Haircuts For Curly Hair Guys

Furthermore, when you do wash and your curls appear dry or frizzy, make sure to remove knots with a wide-tooth comb and then apply a leave-in conditioner to moisturize and hydrate throughout the day.

Best Men’s Curly Hair Products

The best hair products for curly hair men have been specially formulated to wash, condition, moisturize, and manage curls. Because guys with curly hair have unique needs, it’s important to invest in the right products for your hair type. Here are the top curly hair products for men.

Best Men's Curly Hair Products

Shampoo and Conditioner

The best shampoo for curly hair will wash your locks without drying them out. Keep your hair healthy, shiny, and hydrated with top-rated shampoos and conditioners made to nourish your curls with organic natural ingredients.

  • Shampoos: K+S Men’s Shampoo and Brickell Men’s Daily Strengthening Shampoo
  • Conditioners: ArtNaturals Argan Oil Hair Conditioner and K+S Men’s Conditioner
  • Leave-in Conditioner: Shea Moisture Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner

Styling Products For Men’s Curly Hair

With so many cool ways to style curly hair, choosing the best styling products for curly hair is crucial to achieving a stylish look. From curl-enhancing creams to mousses, gels, pomades, waxes, clays and sea salt sprays, here are the top styling products for curly hair men.


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