Professional Hairstyles For Men

Professional Hairstyles For Men If you’re looking for a business haircut to wear at work, then there are many good professional hairstyles for men to choose from. In fact, while “dress for success” is typically the motto, getting a business professional haircut matters just as much as the suit, tie and shoes you wear. Whether you’re giving a sales pitch or in a weekly meeting with your team, people in the office are scrutinizing how you look and present yourself. And the best conservative business men’s hairstyles can help you exude a level of sophistication and self-confidence that your boss and CEO will undoubtedly recognize.

Professional haircuts for men can definitely range based on your workplace environment, but no one can complain if you’re rocking one of the following easy executive hairstyles! From modern long and medium styles to short cuts, check out these trendy corporate haircuts to get right now!

Best Business Haircuts For Men

While a corporate haircut does need to be classy, a business cut doesn’t need to be boring. With a number of trendy men’s business hairstyles, guys have some very respectable options. But all office styles start with skilled hair cutting and end with quality styling products.

Business Haircut

Start with a taper or fade on the sides and back. Even an undercut that is more formal can be acceptable for young professionals. Just make sure to ask your barber to leave enough length with a #2 or #3 guard comb to avoid exposing any skin.

Business Hairstyles

A skin or bald fade could be too edgy in certain industries, especially in finance, so aim for a conservative haircut.

Business Professional Haircuts For Men

As for the hair on top, longer offers a more business professional look. A short sides, long top haircut will maximize versatility and style. Men’s short professional haircuts include a crew cut, crop top, Ivy League, comb over, side part, and buzz cut.

Best Conservative Business Hairstyles For Men

Of these choices, the most executive haircut is the comb over taper fade. With a tapered cut on the sides and longer hair on top that is combed over, this style works in every office. Add a short, well-groomed beard for a very masculine finish.

Classic Comb Over Taper Fade

Modern professional men should only ever try a buzz cut or very short hair if they have thick hair, no bald spots, and an evenly-shaped head.

Best Men's Short Professional Haircuts

However, there are countless men’s professional medium-length and long hairstyles. Popular medium haircuts include variations of the quiff, comb over, brush back, slicked back, and pompadour.

Professional Medium Length Hairstyles For Men

Business styles with long hair will likely need to be pulled straight back or parted down the middle and styled with a quality styling product.

Men's Long Professional Hairstyles

Professional Hairstyles

Short Haircuts

Whether you’re a young professional or a seasoned executive, short business haircuts are always popular and in style. The best short professional hairstyles for guys start with a taper fade or undercut on the sides to create contrast. With a low-maintenance cut on the sides and back, you can ask your barber to leave 1 to 3 inches of length on top, allowing for any style from a buzz cut to a crew cut.

Best Short Business Haircuts For Men

If you have high cheekbones and a chiseled jawline, a buzz cut fade can be a rugged yet charming look. However, the crew cut works with a side swept fringe and a textured finish for a soft, smooth style. Keep the hair longer if you want more versatility and styling options. Then use a matte hair product to create a natural look.

Short Professional Haircuts For Men

Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium length business haircuts are great for men who want to style all the most popular hairstyles. As a nice balance between short and long, professional medium hairstyles encompass all the favorites. Whether you want to style a comb over, quiff, slick back, or textured messy look, medium length hair needs undercut or faded sides to highlight the styling on top.

High Taper with Side Swept Fringe

With the extra length on top, guys can brush the hair back, comb it to the side, pull it forward, or spike it up. As long as the general cut looks like a formal haircut, men can experiment with their medium length hair to find the right finish. Moreover, medium styles work well with all hair types, including thick, straight, wavy, curly, fine and thinning hair, especially if you need more coverage.

Medium Length Business Hairstyles For Guys

Long Hairstyles

If you want to grow out your hair, you’ll appreciate the fact that there are some trendy long hairstyles for professional men. Men with long hair who want to get ahead in business need to be careful about their style. Proper hair care and regular trims are important to maintaining a clean look, and some old-school industries do not consider long hair manly.

Long Bro Flow

To address this, professional men’s long hairstyles look best swept back with shorter sides and longer hair on top. A top-rated shampoo and conditioner paired with a light hold styling product for a textured look can transform your long hair. To avoid a very youthful appearance and a situation where no one takes you seriously, we recommend you grow a beard.

Long Business Hairstyles For Men

Ivy League

The Ivy League style is a short men’s haircut that can most easily be described as a longer crew cut with a side swept fringe. As one of the most classy and popular hairstyles, your barber will fade your sides and back short to create contrast and highlight the styling on top.

Long Ivy League Style

The short hair on top is trimmed and cut, leaving about 2-3 inches of length, with some guys preferring the hair in front slightly longer. To style this formal hairstyle, you’ll want a quality hair product with hold and texture. The end result is a good look that is sharp and fresh for the office.

Ivy League Hairstyle


When you think of a corporate haircut that an executive would wear, you often don’t think of the quiff. However, this trendy hairstyle is clean, classy, and attractive. With a short tapered cut on the sides and thick flowing hair on top, the modern quiff can be quite the sexy hairstyle for businessmen.

Modern Quiff with Long Sides

Professional guys can brush up the fringe, comb over a section of the top, or leave the style slightly tousled for volume. If your hair lacks a healthy shine, consider a pomade or cream with some gloss. Otherwise, a textured modern quiff will feature prominently in your business attire.

Low Fade with Brushed Up Hair

Curly Hair

While curls can be tough to manage at times, there are many professional curly hairstyles that are easy to style for an edgy, fashionable look. For starters, you’ll want to tell your barber you want a fade haircut on the sides and back. Stick to a mid to high taper fade for a cut that’s simple to maintain. Short curls on top can be effortless to work with, but longer curly hair makes a bold statement.

Messy Curly Hair

When styling a curly business haircut, you’ll need to ensure your curls have adequate moisture and conditioning to minimize frizz. Run a strong pomade, wax or clay through your hair. Short curly hairstyles are perfect for minimal effort. Otherwise, you can leave your curls loose and messy for maximum volume, brush them forward to style a tight fringe, or part them to the side for a balance between neat and tousled.

Curly Professional Business Haircuts

Fade Haircut

A fade haircut blends all the elements of a modern cut into one. The most common professional fade haircuts are complemented with longer hair on top. Guys can ask their barbers for a high, mid or low fade to determine where the tapering begins on the scalp. If you want to blend the hair into the skin for a cool haircut, request a bald fade.

Fade Haircut

Great for men with wavy, curly, straight or thick hair, a fade gets you contrast and texture that will elevate your business haircut. While a clean-cut fade can be work-appropriate, not all offices will appreciate a skin fade that exposes the scalp. When in doubt, choose a mid or low taper for a classy hairstyle that works in casual and formal environments.

Taper Fade Haircut

Comb Over

The comb over is one of the most iconic and timeless haircuts for men. Known as the classic business hairstyle, the comb over sweeps the hair from one side to the other. Fortunately, the modern comb over haircut is a new trend that looks stylish and professional. With a taper fade or undercut on the sides and back combined with short to medium length hair on top, this handsome style becomes the perfect look for work.

Comb Over with Low Taper Fade

Start with a mid or low comb over fade to keep the cut conservative. Using a good hair product, you’ll want to brush all your hair over. Avoid a flat look by lifting as you comb the hair over. Similarly, you can brush your hair to the side and back for an angular styling. Add a line up to your hairline and trim a stubble or short beard for a masculine look. Otherwise, clean-shaven will get you that suave, successful men’s style you’ve always wanted.

Tapered Sides with Long Comb Over

Crew Cut

Neat and short, the crew cut is one of the best professional haircuts for men who want a traditional look. Whether you want a uniform length all over or a fade on the sides for some contrast, the crew cut hairstyle works on all hair types and textures. Start with a mid to high taper fade haircut with longer hair on top.

Crew Cut with High Taper Fade

If you want to style a side part or sweep your bangs over, leave the front longer. You can sweep or comb your cropped hair for additional volume, or you can go all-natural with a short and messy finish. Easy to style and universally masculine, the modern crew cut has always been a good look for the office.

Messy Ivy League Haircut

Side Part

The side part is a brilliant choice for the modern professional. Also known as the classic gentleman’s hairstyle, the side part haircut is cut short on the sides with short to medium length hair on top that is emphasized by a hard part. Comb the back and sides away from the rest of your hair for a contrasting effect, and incorporate a side part for a textured, sleek appeal.

Classy Side Part

While the conservative version might be ideal as a Wall Street hairstyle, guys who work in tech or other open-minded industries might want a unique variation that stands out. Consider asking your barber for a shaved hard part. Combined with a shape up, low skin fade and light stubble, this side part haircut is fashionable and professional. Use a medium to high hold styling product and comb over with a light touch to maintain volume and lift.

Hard Side Part Fade

Faded Undercut

The undercut fade pairs the stylish undercut haircut with the tapered sides of a fade. Unique and flattering, the faded undercut adds a trendy look to any hairstyle and can take any cut to the next level.

Faded Undercut

The short sides and back are tapered down the head, ensuring a clean-cut look, while the stylish hairstyle on top is instantly eye-catching. As one of the best ways to pull off any short sides, long top hairstyle, you’ll want to wear your hair slicked back, combed over, brushed forward, or messy all over.

Undercut Fade Hairstyles

Buzz Cut

Business hairstyles should be stylish and professional, and a buzz cut is both in equal measure. A buzzed haircut requires no maintenance so you can go from the office to a bar without a second thought. Plus, the close-cut is manly and flattering with a little growth on top.

Buzz Cut

From a basic transition from side to top, get a simple buzz cut fade. Sharp and bold, this very short men’s haircut should be reserved for men with the right face shape who make regular trips to the barbershop. Otherwise, make sure to invest in quality clippers so you can buzz your own hair at home.

Buzz Cut with Beard

Professional Beard

The most popular professional beard styles are short and trimmed for the perfect businessman look. Corporate beards have to be well-maintained and groomed because you can’t get away with dirty or unkempt facial hair.

Professional Beard

Start with a good beard shampoo and conditioner to grow healthy, full facial hair. Then use a good trimmer with a full set of attachments to design your a formal beard that works with your look and face.

Corporate Beard

Ultimately, the best beard styles for corporate professionals are short and thick like heavy stubble. If you have patches or thin facial hair, strongly consider going fully shaven for a clean-cut look.

Business Hairstyles

  • Get short haircuts and style neat hairstyles for a clean, classy look.
  • If you’re a business professional working in a conservative office or industry, choose a classic hairstyle on top like the side part, comb over, or crew cut with a taper fade haircut on the sides and back.
  • If you work in a relaxed casual environment, medium-length to longer trendy hairstyles like the pompadour fade, quiff, and slick back undercut offer great ways to mix up your style.
  • Use high-quality hair products to boost volume, achieve a healthy natural shine, and get a matte textured finish.
  • Get regular haircuts to keep your style neat and tight without your hair becoming long, frizzy and messy.


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