About Us

About Us

The WEBSITE offers content, news and services on a wide variety of topics; In line with these goals and communicating with the user in an interactive environment, certain publishing principles have been adopted. It is the United States’ first and largest social media platform.
The SITE’s Publishing Principles are an expression of the values ​​and standards we adopt. The policies here govern the best practices we expect from the creators and editors of all content on the WEBSITE, whether created by the WEBSITE itself or by an independent company working for the WEBSITE, for any of the following media:


News and content on the site cannot be published without research. Make sure their authenticity is one of our top priorities in this direction to create realistic and unbiased publications that don’t mislead people. For this reason, accuracy and reliability are high on the rules of our editors. Our goal for our users is to minimize the bugs caused by our lack of knowledge and care and fix them as soon as possible.
We respect the right of reply and disclaimer for misrepresentation.


Niemand in unserem Inhalt; sie nicht in Bezug auf ihre Rasse, ihr Geschlecht, ihr Alter, ihre Gesundheit, ihre politischen Ansichten, ihr soziales Niveau, ihre soziale Anschauung, ihre sexuelle Orientierung und ihren religiösen Glauben zu demütigen; Wir achten darauf, Gruppen wie Kindern, Behinderten und Minderheiten, die Aufmerksamkeit benötigen, nicht bewusst zu schaden.
Wir lassen nicht zu, dass Veröffentlichungen zu religiösen und moralischen Themen Hass schüren und die nationale Einheit und Integrität stören.
Einschränkung der Gedanken-, Gewissens- und Meinungsfreiheit; Wir verwenden keine Inhalte oder Nachrichten, die das allgemeine Verständnis von Moral, religiösen Gefühlen und grundlegenden Grundlagen schockieren oder beleidigen.
Wir verwenden keine Ausdrücke, die natürliche Personen und/oder juristische Personen im Namen der Kritik erniedrigen, erniedrigen, verleumden.
Wir vermeiden es, Inhalte zu erstellen, die Gewalt und Mobbing fördern und menschliche Werte verletzen.
Wir achten darauf, keine Details und Elemente aufzunehmen, die Menschen betreffen, zu Straftaten aufstacheln und insbesondere Vorfälle mit Gewaltkriminalität negativ entwickeln können, die manchmal in unseren Inhalten oder Nachrichten enthalten sind.
Wir achten darauf, dass unsere Inhalte und Nachrichten nicht im Widerspruch zu den nationalen und moralischen Werten und Familienstrukturen der Gesellschaft stehen. Wir vermeiden Veröffentlichungen, die der Familienstruktur, der kleinsten Einheit der Gesellschaft, schaden könnten.
Wir werden niemanden für „schuldig“ erklären, es sei denn, die Schuld wird durch einen Gerichtsbeschluss bewiesen.


We believe that all elements of our services respect human dignity and fundamental human rights.
We respect privacy and will not violate it without good reason. We do not publish private conduct, communications and conversations, except in clear cases of public interest.
We do not broadcast private life unless the public interest demands it.
We do not use other people’s personal information or photos as content without permission.
In our content and messages, we are careful not to use expressions that disparage, demean or defame people and organizations beyond the bounds of criticism.


We take care not to create our content, the services we offer and the topics we cover from a single point of view, but from numerous perspectives.
For this reason we try to be objective rather than individual views.
Although website editors obviously come from the main website shell, our users can also contribute to the website. Therefore, the diversity of ideas and the representation of different ideas are indispensable for us.


The WEBSITE is independent of government and party interests. Our users must be able to rely on political or business pressures or personal interests not to influence our decisions.
Adhering to the principles of impartiality, truthfulness and accuracy in posting our news; do not prevent free formation of opinion; We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of news sources, except in cases where the intention is to mislead the public.
In principle, we assume that we will not receive any content from English pages that corresponds to our format.
We do not publish the collected, aggregated, aggregated information and content from other sources without acknowledging the source.
Before the circulation process of a press organ is complete, we do not present the product produced by this press organ with special effort as if it were our own product.
One of our main goals is to ensure that the content or news we post is on the agenda or sets the agenda. For this reason, we attach great importance to the fact that the content consists of concrete and creative elements without losing the contours.
Our editors do not use news and content for their private purposes and interests that are unethical.