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Hair has always been an important image element for both men and women. In today’s hair fashion and design, everyone desires to have a beautiful appearance and to be at the forefront with a different hair style. Here, the black braid is a matter of preference for those who want to both have a beautiful image and try a different hairstyle.

Black knitting, which is easy to use and brings comfort to the fore, is preferred by many people. Instead of combing, care and other maintenance sessions that should be done on the hair, you can have a longer lasting and convenient hair with the black braid.

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What is Negro Braid?

The Negro braid originated in Africa. It is a traditional braiding pattern that African women use to braid their hair. The Negro braid has spread all over the world from Africa and has gained the admiration of many people.

Both men and women who want to try a different hairstyle and have a beautiful appearance in the constant hustle and bustle of daily life, prefer this hairstyle. The most important reason for these preferences is the ease of use of the Negro knitting and the simplicity of its maintenance.

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How to Make a Negro Braid?

Those who want to have a black braid can have a black braid with their own hair, which is sufficient in length, or with synthetic additional hair if they wish. In addition, with additional synthetic hair, they can easily have the desired look with different color and length options.

Black knitting requires a more difficult and time-consuming process compared to other types of knitting. Knitting is done by adding synthetic hair in addition to the person’s own hair. This process is braided from the bottom of the hair and this process is done for each braid one by one. Weaves are knitted one by one, either thin or optionally thick or standard. Since this process is done for each knitting, it requires both expert workmanship and time.

Why is Negro Knitting Preferred?

Black knitting, which we see more and more all over the world and in our country, is preferred by many people. There are different reasons for this. One of the biggest reasons why it is preferred is that black knitting provides ease of use. In daily work and travels, when waking up in the morning, many people prefer black knitting because it preserves its appearance in different climatic conditions, does not deteriorate and preserves its beauty.

Another aspect of the preference of black knitting is that it offers a very beautiful appearance to people who have this model. It is also preferred because it can be done by every age group and everyone regardless of men and women.

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How to Wash a Negro Knit?

Negro knitting is easy to use as well as its care and washing process is very simple. If you have black braided hair, the   first thing you need to do is to buy a cream-free shampoo. Afterwards, you need to lather the cream-free shampoo   with fiber and then wash the foamy fiber properly from the bottom of your hair, provided that it is from the nape of your hair, to complete your process. It will be sufficient to repeat this process 2-3 times a week depending on the way you use your hair.

Does Negro Braid Damage Hair?

There is a common belief that the Negro braid damages or sheds hair, but this is not the case. On the contrary, the black braid protects the hair and prevents your hair from falling out by protecting their natural appearance from external factors. In addition, it protects the structure of your hair, as it does not require the use of chemicals such as oiling, gel and spray in your hair. While your hair is in black braid for 2-3 months on average, it will make you happy with its ease, appearance and healthy structure.

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