The Most Preferred Men’s Hairstyles of Recent Years

Looking good and being well-groomed is one of the most important subjects for men as well as women. It is clear that they have become increasingly specialized in taking care of hair care and finding the one that suits them. As such, hair fashion does not pass without being influenced by men anymore. We are here with a brand new content that will come to the aid of men who want to change their image. While the energy of summer has begun to penetrate us, we are explaining the most trendy men’s hairstyles of recent years without slowing down.


Short Men’s Hairstyles


Oxford Hairstyle

Oxford cut hairstyle is very attractive for men who want to double their charisma in business life. In this model, the side and back parts of the hair are kept shorter than the tops, and the top hair is combed backwards and voluminous. The harmony of the Oxford cut, which can be prepared even in 5 minutes with a hair styler, with wavy hair is magnificent. If you want to make a cool entrance to the summer with your useful and modern hair, you should definitely try the Oxford hairstyle.


Fade Cut Hairstyle

Fade cut hairstyle, which has been a favorite of recent years, is one of the most common styles among famous names. In general, sharp transitions are avoided in this hair, which grows as you go up from the neck and sides. The most striking feature of the gradually increasing hair is its natural appearance. If you want to join the Fade movement, which also has different sub-categories according to the degree of hair length, you can choose the model that best suits your style and make your own difference.


Buzzcut Hairstyle

Buzzcut hairstyle, popularly known as the soldier’s shave, has not fallen from the trends lately. We can say that this model saves lives, especially for hair that is thick and difficult to shape. If you want to save time in washing and drying processes, Buzzcut can be your solution. If you have made your decision, you can turn your hair into a charismatic representative of the buzzcut trend by hitting the number 3 equally.


Bald Model

If you don’t like to spend time with your hair, we offer you a radical solution. Number 0 haircut! This model, which is frequently preferred by men who experience hair loss and have sparse hair, catches a great harmony especially with stubble. If you want to try a useful and always cool style while the summer heat is over, you can try to say goodbye to your hair for a while.

Slick Back Hairstyle

Slick and laid back hair… The Slick Back hairstyle, which offers a striking look as well as a classic, is definitely the right choice for men who like to attract attention. The most important detail in this model, in which the backwards combed hair is in the foreground, is the sufficient length of the upper parts. Thus, long hair is fixed to the back with the help of gel, making the upper part look fuller and voluminous. If you want to go beyond the usual look and add some shine to your hair, you can give this stylish model a chance.


Sharp Striped Side Parting Hairstyle

This model, which reminds us of the handsome actors of Hollywood, is a brave symbol of masculine stance. To achieve her perfect look, she needs straight and medium length hair. If you have hair like this, you can comb them towards the right or left side of the forehead and shave the parting line in a line. We guarantee that your new look will take your breath away, especially if you have a round face.


Long Men’s Hairstyles


Mohawk Hairstyle

Mohawk haircut, one of the prominent trends of recent years, brings together the air of long and short hair. In this model, where the hair on the sides is cut very short, the hair in the middle is kept as long as possible. You can bring a radical innovation to your style with the Mohawk, which offers a solution for those who want to achieve a rebellious and striking look.


Man Bun Hairstyle

You might not have noticed the moving buns on the top of long-haired men in recent years.

This model, which has been applied by a very wide cut especially for the last 10 years, catches a magnificent harmony with the stubble. In order to achieve the ideal image, the hair should be at least as long as the ear level. If you have long hair, you can gather them a little above your neck and say hello to your new style, which is natural and always stylish.


Top Knot Hairstyle

The main difference of the top knot hairstyle, which reflects the Japanese samurai style, from the men’s bun is that the hair on the sides and back is shaved. A second difference is that the bun is positioned at a higher point rather than behind the head. The knob of this model, which looks very cool on men with round and oval faces, is slightly smaller than the usual knobs. If you are ready to add a new dimension to your style, you can consider trying this model.


Classic Bunch Hairstyle

If you have long hair and have an energetic character, our recommendation is clear: Classic bunch hair. In this model, a small ponytail that you will gather behind your hair will do the job for a natural look. If you don’t want to waste a lot of time with your hair, especially when going to weekend meetings, you can collect your hair from behind and complete your style with sunglasses.


Bohemian Braids

Gotik tarzları seven erkekler uzun saçlarını örgülerle buluşturmaktan vazgeçemiyor. Son yıllarda da trend olmayı başaran örgülü saçlar bazen bir at kuyruğu bazen üst kısımda hareketli bir topuz olarak karşımıza çıkabiliyor. Sen de klasik görüntünden kurtulup daha iddialı bir imaj yakalamak istersen örgülerin gücünden faydalanabilirsin.


French Crop Hairstyle

If you’re after trendy hair, the French crop model may give you what you’re looking for. The horizontal bangs detail just above the eyebrows is the most distinctive feature of this model. If you wish, you can complete your new bangs, which can adapt to every face shape, with a messy cut and get a lively look. If it’s charisma you’re looking for, when you look at yourself in the mirror after this cut, you can take your breath away.


Curly Men’s Hairstyles

Bob Cut Hairstyle

Natural, cool and useful! Bob cut hair is a model frequently preferred by men as well as women. As a distinctive feature, in this style, the hair is lengthened to neck level and cut bluntly. Let’s not forget that the Bob cut, which can be used easily at any time of the year, suits curly hair and oval faces very well.

Curly Bangs Hairstyle

The best choice to cover wide foreheads or the forehead line that opens backwards is the curly bangs hairstyle. First of all, let’s admit that the effect of bangs on curly hair is beautiful. Balancing the facial features, this cut adds a messy yet attractive dimension to the hair. If you are ready to change your image, you can see the difference by letting your curly hair fall on your forehead.


Side Parted Curl Hair

The way to deal with dense and curly hair is obvious: part it from the side. If you have curly hair and don’t mind shortening it, this tip could save your life. You can keep your hair in harmony by constantly parting it in the same place. You can add volume to your separated hair as you wish with a styler, so you can prevent situations such as frizz and electrification.


Sides Short Tops Long Hairstyle

Kıvırcık saçlarına daha derli toplu bir hava katmak istersen saçlarını biraz kısaltmayı deneyebilirsin. Yan ve arka kısımdaki saçların kısa tutulduğu bu stilde üstteki saçların uzun ve hacimli olması hedefleniyor. Bunun için üst tarafını kendi haline bırakabilir ya da saç şekillendiricisiyle buklelerini dilediğin gibi belirginleştirebilirsin. Ayrıca yanlar kısa olduğu için kıvırcık saçlarını kontrol altına alman çok daha kolay olacak.


Messy Men’s Hairstyles

Natural Flow Hairstyle

Let’s take a look at some shabby styles. The natural flowing hairstyle, which is preferred for medium-length hair, is one of the styles that never goes out of fashion. Moreover, it is very suitable for both straight and wavy hair. To capture the natural look here, all you have to do is shape your medium-length hair a little with a mousse or styler after a shower. You can be sure that you will use it very comfortably as it does not require long operations.


Textured Cut Hairstyle

One of the most preferred models to achieve a messy look on medium-length hair is a textured cut. This model, in which the ends of the hair are cut with thinning scissors, works especially well on thick hair. What you need to know before using this model is that you should shape your hair while it is dry. After the shower, when your hair reaches the ideal dryness, you can style your hair as you wish with the help of a styler.


Spiky Hairstyle

We continue to distribute the hair. One of the most popular hairstyles of the 90s, spiky hair is back on the scene. Although it has not regained its old reputation yet, it is still popular with men with a tough and energetic style. If you want to get a messy and striking image with your hair, you can make a radical transition to this model. You can achieve a softer and more balanced image by using your spiky hair with a beardless face.

Wavy Men’s Hairstyles


Quiff Hairstyle

Bold, modern and striking. Quiff hairstyle is one of the first choices of men who want to look cool. Inspired by the harmony of contrasts, this style keeps the side and back hair short and the tops long. In order to achieve the expected efficiency, the hair is combed backwards and shaped with hair spray after the shower. Let’s add that the Quiff hairstyle, which is quite remarkable, requires maintenance during use.


Messy Wavy Hairstyle

If you have slightly wavy hair, you can get a messy and lively look by leaving the front parts a little longer. Here, all you have to do is apply an equal amount of styler to the top and front of the hair, leaving the curls free. You can choose this style, which goes well with a clean shave, for a more dynamic look.


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